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Vacuum Switches

Vacuum switches for hydraulics, water, air, gases, chemicals, fuel oil, whatever the medium Pyropress have a vacuum switch to suit. All of the vacuum switch ranges have demonstrated their reliability for application at SIL 2 IEC 61508, with a qualifying report and Certificate Of Compliance available on request.
Manufactured by Pyropress Engineering

Alicat Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

The Whisper series mass flow meters and controllers are Alicat's solution for low pressure drop allications. Will full scale flow rates from 0.5SCCM through 500 SLPM in both meters and controllers and pressure drops from 0.2 PSID through 2.0 PSID, even the most pressure challenged applications, or applications requiring the use of expensive gases, will be able to benefit from true mass flow measurement and control.
Manufactured by Alicat Scientific

Alicat MC and MCR Series Massflow Controllers

Alicat MC and MCR series mass flow controllers are used to measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature. Alicat's mass flow controllers incorporate an extremely fast responding true proportional valve and PID loop control – resulting in unsurpassed flow control for even the smallest flow rate and low pressure processes.
Manufactured by Alicat Scientific

Alicat Pressure Control Valves

Alicat Scientific's line of PC Series and PCR Series Digital Single Valve Electronic Pressure Controllers are versatile and can be used in many pressure control applications. Alicat's electronic digital controller is more precise than standard valve type controllers. These controllers offer a variety of output options including 0-5V, 0-10V and 4-20mA and RS-232.
Manufactured by Alicat Scientific

Back Pressure Regulator/Relief Valve (BPRV)

The Sentry Back Pressure Regulating and Relief Valve combines the functions of a pressure regulator (back pressure regulator) and a relief valve.The BPRV acts as a shock absorber to “absorb” changes in system pressure to maintain a fixed back pressure on the analyser branch lines. This helps to ensure that the analyser cells always receive the desired amount of flow for proper measurements.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment