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Alicat Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

The Whisper series mass flow meters and controllers are Alicat's solution for low pressure drop allications. Will full scale flow rates from 0.5SCCM through 500 SLPM in both meters and controllers and pressure drops from 0.2 PSID through 2.0 PSID, even the most pressure challenged applications, or applications requiring the use of expensive gases, will be able to benefit from true mass flow measurement and control.
Manufactured by Alicat Scientific

M Series

Alicat Scientific's M series digital / analog mass flow meters are used to measure the flow rate of a process gas in a system or process. With the increased demand for process accuracy and efficiency, mass flow measurement for gas usage provides an accuracy, repeatable and reliable solution. Alicat's patented laminar flow technology delivers incredibly fast and inherently linear mass flow measurement. Standard with a host of standard features like 200:1 turndown ratio, 30 user selectable gas calibrations, fully functional digital display, and a lifetime warranty Alicat M series mass flow meters deliver industry leading performance designed to last a lifetime.
Manufactured by Alicat Scientific