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Model SL100 and SL200

Single Line Sample Panels are pre-piped assemblies used to simplify the conditioning of steam, water or non-hazardous process samples. The major application is for individual samples that are remotely located throughout the plant or for a small number of samples in a central location. Any sample can be easily conditioned to give a safe and representative sample with just the addition of cooling water.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment

Sample Sentry II

The Sample Sentry II is a fully automated sample conditioning system providing automatic startup (including blowdown), flow control and shut down.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment

Sentry Cooling Water Isolation Skid (CWIS)

Minimize sample cooler fouling and temperature variability of open-loop cooling water by using a closed-loop Cooling Water Isolation Skid.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment

Sentry Corrosion Products Sampler (CPS)

The Sentry Corrosion Products Sampler (CPS) is a device for collecting and eventual quantifying of particulate and ionic matter (corrosion products) circulating in the secondary piping of nuclear power plants and condensate/ feedwater systems of fossil-fuelled plants. The Sentry Corrosion Products Sampler is a discrete module which can be either mounted in a central sample panel or as a stand-alone unit at the sample source.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment

Sentry Degassed Cation Conductivity (DCCP)

The Sentry DCCP is designed to optimise the analytical results for degassed cation conductivity. First, the DCCP uses an oversized heater and baffled vapour discharge chamber. These assure complete boiling, provide a steam blanket over the sample and eliminate any sample contamination that might occur due to discharge piping back flow on the exhaust vent. Second, after the sample is degassed, it is cooled with an additional sample cooler so that chemistry deviations in analyser temperature compensation curves are reduced.
Manufactured by Sentry Equipment