January 2018

90th Anniversary - 1928-2018

We are very proud to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Duff & Macintosh Pty Ltd. A significant milestone in our organisation's history.

Incorporated by William (Bill) Vere Hobart Duff and Donald Macintosh. Both brothers-in-law, Bill and Donald took their first order on Thursday 12 January, 1928 from Holbrooks (Aust) Ltd, Danks Street, Waterloo, Sydney. Our customers from the 1920s included BHP, CSR, the NSW Government, just to name a few and, to this day, these companies are still our customers.

Under the leadership of Jonathan Orban, the company has expanded into the power station chemistry, engineering education and water treatment industries. Proudly, 2017 saw the opening of a new branch in New Zealand.

Not surprisingly, we are very proud of Duff & Macintosh's longevity in business and look forward to serving our customers for the next 90 years and beyond!

Managing Directors

Donald Macintosh 1928 to 1976

Paul Orban 1976 to 1992

Jonathan Orban 1992 to present

Visit to Influx


Last October we were welcomed by Mark Towner, owner of Influx Measurements in Hampshire, UK. Duff and Macintosh have been distributors for Influx since it was founded approximately 15 years ago. It was great to catch-up again with Mark and meet all the staff and to be shown around their new factory and offices. We were also joined by one of our other suppliers, Malcolm Bennett from Techniquip.


Construction Work @ DuffMac

We are very excited about our impending new offices and updated warehouse here at DuffMac. After 25 years, we are finally taking the plunge to update from the old 60-70's decor and move into the....... 90's??!!

With the number of staff members increasing due to an increase in business in the Power industry and Education field, we are quickly running out of space!

Check out the works in progress. Our builders Andrew and Nick are working hard to get the job done!